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Week 4 Nordic Skiers of the Week: Ackermann, Wist, and Christner

After a great weekend of racing at the Dartmouth Carnival these are your Week 4 Skiers of the Week!

(photos courtesy

Marielle Ackermann

University of Vermont

Ackermann had the fastest qualifying time during Friday's race. She upheld the number one position to win the Freestyle Sprint heats! On Saturday she remained in the chase pack all race and finished just off the podium in fourth place. These results helped the UVM women's team win both race days. Congrats Marielle!

There was an unbreakable tie for the Men's Skier of the Week, so your co-skiers of the Week are:

Henrik Wist

St Michaels College

Wist qualified in 15th place but worked his way up in the Freestyle Sprint heats to the Men's Final, where he placed 6th. On Saturday he skied an excellent race and made a move on the last lap to break away from the pack. He claimed a victory for the Purple Knights, the first in almost 30 years! Congrats Henrik!


Jack Christner

Middlebury College

Christner sprinted to an excellent 5th place on the first day of the Dartmouth Carnival. The following day he was the runner-up in the 16.5k classic, following a break away from the rest of the chase pack. Congratulations on a great weekend from Jack!



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