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UVM Carnival - the First with Sunshine!

The UVM Carnival went smoothly at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The men's 10k led the races as they completed two 5k laps with open fields and slow snow in the brutal hills in the woods. The women raced only one 5k loop as temperatures (slightly) increased, almost warm enough to fend off the winds whipping the snow up! This race course was challenging and required both. mental and physical confidence and strength to endure.

Representing UVM was Bill Harmeyer, finishing in first place for the third time this season, with an official time of 26:51. Teammates Ben Odgen and Karl Schulz followed for second and third place just seconds behind Harmeyer. Schulz mentioned he aimed to take advantage of putting effort into the downhills, he also said he had "a lot of fun of the flats after the downhill, where you can go right into a V2. It feels great!" Also placing well were Zane Fields (CBC), Adam Gleuck (DAR), and Matias Oevrum (UVM). Zane Fields was ecstatic to have come in 4th place, noting hearing his brother's hoots and hollers on alongside the course were critical to keep Fields going up the last considerable incline.

The women's 5k champion was Lino Sutro (UVM) for her first, first place finish with a time of 14:42. Lina said "it was fun" regarding winning the first UVM Carnival race. Sutro remarked on the advice her male teammates who completed the course before her, "they said to just keep on pushing up that last hill, and the ski over the top to conserve energy."In second place, from Dartmouth was Emily Hyde, with a time of 15:15. Hyde said she has been "working on the mental of racing in the last week", as the Dartmouth coach said he noticed. Hyde also capitalized on the advice her male teammates provided along with Sutro. Margaret Gellert, Abigail Drach, Sofia Shomento and Lauren Jortberg earned third, fourth, fifth, and sixth places respectively. Jackie Garso raced well for SLU with a time of 15:26.

Even with whipping winds and skin-ceiling temperatures, friends, fans, and family supported every EISA team member today. The hills were slow and challenging, but resulted in many hard-working athletes broke through to claim their highest places today. Great job racers! Now on to the Mens 20k and Women's 15k races tomorrow!


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