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UVM Carnival Nordic Day 2

Updated: Jan 14

The second day of the UVM Carnival brought a 10k Freestyle race in true New England style, complete with heavy loads of precipitation. "A classic Eastern day, when the water is on you, under you, and within you," remarked UVM skier Annie McColgan. Despite frequent bouts of rain, sleet, ice pellets, and snow, the race course held up relatively well throughout the day. Undeterred by the weather, competitive athletes were (wintry) mixing it up out on the trails.

This picture speaks for itself, capturing the essence of the day (photo courtesy

The cheering remained strong along the 2.5k loop, despite most fans appearing as though they went swimming. The Catamounts were roaring particularly loud during their home carnival. (photo courtesy


Haley Brewster once again topped the podium for the UVM Catamounts this weekend, winning with a time of 28:01, 16 seconds ahead of the next skier. Brewster agreed with the sentiment that it was wet and wild out there, but the conditions did not hold her back. Dartmouth skier Jasmine Drolet was in second place, asserting to the circuit she is back in full form. Finishing third was UNH Wildcat Luci Anderson, just seconds ahead of her teammate Jasmine Lyons in fourth. Anderson explained their team is "really good in the weird East conditions" and Lyons added, "We really thrive in the chaos!"

Skiers dripping, but not drowning, post-race at the UVM Carnival (photo courtesy


Dartmouth secured first and second today with John Steel Hagenbuch (25:07) and Jack Lange (25:12). Lange thought it was "cool to see everyone out here cheering" with the "energy is still up even though it's pretty dreary". Used to this type of weather, he joked, "It's not every day you see this in Sun Valley, every day you see it around here. So it's fun we made the most of it". In third place was yesterday's runner-up, Remi Drolet from Harvard. Despite going out "a little bit too hard" he "felt good to be able to fight hard until the end and be pretty close to the other guys". Drolet shared that, while the conditions were unpleasant, he was still able to prepare well and it was "overall a pretty fun day" he was happy with. As a skier for the Crimson, he is excited to return to Craftsbury for the Harvard Carnival next month.

Everett Olson crossing the finish line amid snow flurries (photo courtesy


Dartmouth held off competitors today to sustain the win this weekend for nordic. Middlebury moved up from third place to second. UVM rounded out the top three teams. With the alpine races postponed, overall scores cannot be determined just yet.

Skiers were having fun in the rain. The cheer squad was not held back by the weather (first picture courtesy


Keep up with the racing next weekend at the Colby Carnival in Waterville, ME!



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