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UVM and Middlebury pile up Nordic Season Honors

Following the conclusion of Middlebury Carnival/East Regional action at Rikert Nordic Center and the Snow Bowl, the EISA's scorers furiously tabulated team scores and individual rankings. After some quick calculations (and double-checking), end-of-season awards were divvied out.

The awards ceremony was a bit anticlimatic, with some teams having already departed for long road trips back to campus, and many of the nordic award winners in Germany for World Juniors/U23s (Ben Ogden missed the awards ceremony because he was busy finishing sixth in the World Juniors classic sprint.)

Here's a full listing of the nordic awards that were handed out:

Classic Leader Bib

Sophia Laukli, Middlebury

Ben Ogden, University of Vermont

Skate Leader Bib

Sophia Laukli, Middlebury

Karl Schulz, University of Vermont

Rookie of the Year

Sophia Laukli, Middlebury

Rémi Drolet, Harvard

All-East First Team

Sophia Laukli, Middlebury

Alex Lawson, Middlebury

Katharine Ogden, Dartmouth

Margie Freed, University of Vermont

Anya Bizyukova, University of Vermont

Ben Ogden, University of Vermont

Peter Wolter Middlebury

Matias Øvrum, University of Vermont

Karl Schulz, University of Vermont

Rémi Drolet, Harvard

All-East Second Team

Lina Sutro, University of Vermont

Annika Landis, Middlebury

Gabrielle Vandendries, Bowdoin

Mara McCollor, Dartmouth

Erin Bianco, Colby

Bill Harmeyer, University of Vermont

Elliot Ketchel, Bowdoin

Christian Gostout, Bowdoin

James Kitch, Harvard

Ian Moore, University of Vermont

Must be present to get picture taken...Women's All-East First/Second team - Annika Landis, Lina Sutro, Anya Bizyukova, and Margie Freed (Andrew McNealus photo)
Postrace necklaces are very in this year...Men's All-East First/Second team - Bill Harmeyer, Ian Moore, Peter Wolter, Matias Øvrum, Karl Schulz (Andrew McNealus photo)

Coach of the Year

Nathan Alsobrook, Bowdoin

NCAA Qualifiers

The East region has fifteen male and sixteen female start spots at this year's NCAA championships in Bozeman, Montana. Qualification is based on season long rankings that combine skiers' two best skate and two best classic results.

Each team can send a maximum of three athletes per gender, and if teams have more than three athletes in qualifying spots, their surplus spots go to the next highest ranked skiers outside the quota .

This means that athletes ranked outside the top fifteen for men and sixteen for women may qualify for NCAAs, depending on how many full teams have surplus qualifiers.

Coaches can choose their NCAA racers from any qualifying athletes - they aren't required to name their team based on ranking list position.

NCAA teams aren't named yet and may not be finalized until the week of NCAAs. You can view the EISA ranking list under RANKINGS on this site.


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