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Thomas and Lindstoel are the EISA Alpine Skiers of the Week

Tricia Mangan knifes some GS turns for Dartmouth at the UVM carnival. Dartmouth slingshotted their way from third place to first for EISA alpine schools this weekend. (Steve Fuller file photo)

With the Colby Carnival drawn to a close, Dartmouth's Claire Thomas and UVM's Jagge Lindstoel have emerged victorious as the alpine skiers of the week. Thomas won the GS up at Sugarloaf on Friday and grabbed 6th place in slalom on Saturday, earning Dartmouth 87 EISA points. Lindstoel, meanwhile, raced his way to second place in both events and locked down 94 points for UVM.

UVM, Dartmouth, and Middlebury continued battling it out for the top three spots in the EISA school rankings this week, with UVM earning 406 alpine points, Dartmouth earning 482 points, and Middlebury earning 389 points. An exceptionally strong weekend for Dartmouth puts them in the lead with 1,338 points, while last week's front runner UVM fell behind to second place with 1,273 points. Middlebury moved back to third place with 1,249 alpine points.


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