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Tefre and Nullmeyer reign supreme in Colby Carnival Slalom

The cloud of war returned to Sugarloaf for day two of the Colby Carnival. As the EISA’s fastest geared up to attack some relentless slalom first thing in the morning, the mountain was wreathed in gray—and the light only got flatter throughout the day. Despite the gloomy weather, the snow stayed solid and the firm surface that delighted throughout the giant slalom races yesterday was back to greet racers today. It held up admirably under the thunder of more than 130 slalom-hungry skiers, though in some spots developed a pronounced groove towards the end of the runs.

UVM, Dartmouth, and Middlebury are the three schools who emerged from the Colby Carnival looking the best. Today, five UVM men skied and five Dartmouth women skied into the top 10 of their respective genders. Two Middlebury men and two Dartmouth men also made their way into the top ten, and carnival host Colby College gave the hometown crowd something to cheer for with two top ten Colby women.

UVM's Jagge Lindstoel shredding it up at the Harvard Carnival. Lindstoel finished second today in men's slalom (Steve Fuller file photo)

On the men’s course, Dartmouth senior AJ Ginnis—born in Greece but turned into a skiing machine by GMVS—grabbed third place. After a slow-ish seventh-fastest first run (49.44 seconds), he decided to go full attack-mode on his second run (the fastest in the pack at 54.04 seconds). UVM’s Jagge Lindstoel finished in second place once again with the second fastest furst run (48.43) and fourth fastest second run (54.24). Lindstoel’s fellow Norwegian UVM compatriot, Mathias Tefre, ripped some lightning turns and claimed first with the fastest first run (48.37) and second fastest second run (54.09).

Dartmouth women returned to the podium today after Ellie Curtis eked out a twelfth place first run (56.78 seconds) and then hammering in the fastest second run (53.5). UNH’s formidable senior Emma Woodhouse stayed rock-solid with second place first and second runs (55.30 and 54.04 seconds, respectively) and nabbed second place. Ali Nullmeyer, the deadly quick Middlebury freshman, raced the fastest first run (54.83) and third fastest second run (54.39) and climbed her way onto the top of the podium to grab the big W.


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