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Skiers of the Week - UVM Carnival

The UVM Carnival races required grit and determination, to trudge through the slow snow on Friday and maintain pace throughout the endurance races on Saturday. Skiers of the Week are determined by the number of points they have acquired this season and those who place well consistently.... so congratulations to Margie Freed of UVM and Peter Wolter of MID for working hard and earning this week's spotlight. Freed has raked in a total of 227 points and Wolter a total of 193.

Margie Freed continues to prove her athletic ability and currently has the most points of all female EISA racers so far this season (227). In the women's 5k Freestyle races on Friday, Freed landed in the 14th spot with an official time of 15:45, accumulating 31 points. Even though she was only a minute behind first place skier Lina Sutro, 13 other women squeezed in between to work for places 2nd-13th. Freed jumped to 4th place in the Saturday race with a time of 50:32 on the women's 15k classic race. Freed earned an additional 41 points in this race, allowing her to build a lead of 38 points in front of second place skier Lina Sutro.

Shout out to Peter Wolter for working hard toward Skier of the Week after the UVM Carnival. Wolter's best finish was 7th in the UNH Carnival 20k classic race on January 18th, however, he continued to perform well in UVM Carnival; Wolter earned 17th place on Friday, and 14th place on Saturday when the course was doubled to a 20k. In first place for men is Bill Harmeyer (244) with Ben Ogden in second (197) and Wolter in third (193). Adam Glueck is right behind Wolter with 192 points, however Wolter has constantly demonstrated his ability to ski well, as his "worst" finish this year was 21st place. Congratulations to Peter Wolter!

Next up is the Dartmouth Carnival this Friday and Saturday at the Oak Hill Ski Area in Hanover, NH. Let's see if anyone can surpass Margie Freed's lead and if anyone will up the anti to earn the men's Skier of the Week position. See you on Friday!


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