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Skiers of the Week - MID Carnival

Congratulations to the Middlebury Carnival Skiers of the Week, as they performed well despite the warm temperatures on Friday and world hard in the mens 10k and women's 5k freestyle races on Saturday. Two Middlebury skiers, Sam Wood and Annika Landis, earned Skier of the Week for their hometown Carnival!

Sam Wood came in first on Friday for the 15k classic race and collected 50 points. He placed third in the 10k freestyle race on Saturday, but was only 12 seconds fro first place! Wood earned 44 points on Saturday which resulted in him earning the most points for men at the Middlebury Carnival! Wood mentioned it was definitely an advantage to know the course and along with that the transitions. The course was slow and choppy on Friday, however it switched the icy and skied off on Saturday, so having experience on the terrain was useful for the Middlebury skiers.

Also representing Middlebury was Annika Landis, Skier of the Week for the women this weekend! Landis earned an incredible 5th place on Friday for the 10k classic race and earned 39 points. She placed well again on Saturday for the 5k freestyle race, finishing in 6th place and earning 37 points. Landis acquired 76 points at the Middlebury Carnival and another two top-ten finishing spots. Landis' parents flew out from her home state of Idaho so see her race on her home course which was definitely appreciated along with all of her friends cheering her on as well.

Amazing job to both Sam Wood and Annika Landis for working hard on their home terrain and winning Skier of the Week for the Middlebury Carnival. Let's get pumped for the Bates Carnival this weekend!


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