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Skiers of the Week - UNH Carnival

After the long distance and sprint races in Jackson, NH two prevailing skiers racked up the most points to earn the role of UNH Carnival Skier of the Week. Congratulations Katharine Odgen and Bill Harmeyer!

Katharine Odgen came in first place on the Friday race, the women's 15k. Representing Dartmouth, Odgen finished the long-distance race with an official time of 46:51 and received the full 50 points for the top spot. Second place skier Leah Brams, also from Dartmouth, and Annika Landis from Middlebury (3rd place) followed. Odgen scored second place for the races on Saturday, freestyle sprints, and locked in 47 points. Ogden collected an impressive sum of 97 points both the UNH Carnival, deserves the title Skier of the Week!

On the male side, Bill Harmeyer dominated the UNH Carnival in all respects. Harmeyer crossed the finish line of 20k classic race on Friday, just 2 seconds behind teammate Matias Oevrum also from UVM. Harmeyer earned 50 points for first place with a time of 54:33. Bill Harmeyer also claimed first pace for the freestyle sprints on Saturday. Throughout the 1.6k loop sprint races Harmeyer fended off any challengers to the top spot, including teammates Karl Schulz and Matias Oevrum who earned second and third place. Harmeyer worked for a total of 100 points in the UNH Carnival, congratulations on Skier of the Week!


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