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  • José da Silva

Skiers of the week: Bizyukova and Burt

Last weekend, the EISA carnival brought some extra races into the fold, including SuperTour skiers and some top junior racers. The college athletes skied well, with shifting podiums across both days for the men's and women's fields a departure from the two back-to-back winners at the St. Michael's carnival.

So, our two skiers of the week are Anna Bizyukova and Gregory Burt, both from UVM!

Anna Bizyukova

Anna Bizyukova during the classic race (image courtesy of

The women's skier of the week, Anna Bizyukova, just narrowly missed out after the St. Mike's carnival. This weekend, though, her first place finish in the 1.4k sprint and her second place finish in the 10k classic meant Bizyukova ended the weekend as the women's skier with the most EISA points.

Gregory Burt

Gregory Burt during the classic race (image courtesy of

Like his teammate, Burt also raced well at the last carnival. This time, though, his consistency won the weekend. Burt finished with the most EISA points in the men's field after a second place finish in the 1.4k sprint and third place finish in the 10k classic. Burt was the only athlete in the men's field to remain on the EISA podium across both races.

Burt is a senior at UVM from Huntington, VT. Bizyukova is a graduate student from Russia, and a five-time Russian Champion. This weekend is a continuation of fast seasons for both veteran skiers.


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