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Skier of the Week - DAR Carnival

Congratulations to Zane Fields and Lydia Blanchet, the Skiers of the Week for the Dartmouth Carnival! Both athletes raced well, Fields' had his best finish this weekend and this season on Friday when he earned first place for the men's 15k freestyle race. Blanchet finished fourth and second this weekend, maintaining consistent top 10 finishes this season.

Zane Fields not only placed first in the 15k freestyle race on Friday and 9th with his colby team on Saturday, but has performed well throughout the season. Zane's lowest finishing place this year was 13th, however Fields has worked to be part of the top ten for 6 of the 8 Carnival races so far this season, an impressive 3/4s of his results were top ten! Fields did well last weekend at the UVM Carnival, where he earned 9th and 4th place, however Fields blew it out of the water for the 15k freestyle race, even after such warm conditions the day before! Fields finished the race in 43:32, a whopping one minute and thirty seconds before second place finisher, Karl Schulz, from UVM. Fields also skied fast the next day for the Saturday relay race with his Colby teammates Scott Harrison and Foss Kerker. The Colby team placed 9th overall with a time of 43:53.

The female Skier of the Week goes out to Lydia Blanchet, a senior at Dartmouth College, who earned 4th place in the women's 10k freestyle race on Friday and 2nd in the 3x5 classic relay on Saturday. Blanchet has finished in the top then throughout the 2019 season and won the freestyle sprint races at the UNH Carnival. The Dartmouth skier raced well on Friday for the 10k, as she earned 4th place with a time of 31:18, just 6 seconds behind third place finisher and teammate Lauren Jortberg. Blanchet persevered the next day for the classic relay races and crossed the line at 16:03 after tagging the second Dartmouth leg. Her team accumulated a total time of 48:15, just 8 seconds behind the UVM first place finishers.

Congratulations to the Dartmouth Carnival Skier of the Week athletes! Let's see if anyone's Carni crushes are carried out for Valentine's Day too!


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