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NCAA Regionals @ UNH, Day 1: Blizzard Slalom!

The 2022 NCAA Alpine Regional Championship started off with a lot of snow and continued with even more. The skiers of the EISA and a small contingent of USCSA athletes showed up this morning for some hardcore Mittersill snow-day slalom, and the snow fell fast and light throughout the day.

UVM's Jagge Lindstoel en route to victory earlier this season at the Dartmouth Skiway (Image courtesy of @camciccone)

Despite the weather, a solid surface awaited under the fresh fall and was easily found after a bit of slipping. All things considered, it held up admirably throughout the day and over the course of both runs, with a bit of deterioration and shelf build-up here or there to keep things interesting for the higher bibs.

The men's top 10 continued to have some healthy representation from UVM, with Dartmouth, St. Michael's, and a whopping four UNH skiers rounding out the pack. Dartmouth freshman Oliver Morgan earned his first stripes for the Big Green today with a breakout third place finish--his first podium of his carnival career. Last slalom of the regular season? Not a bad time to turn on the afterburners and show the EISA what's up. Simen Strand of St. Mike's, yet another rookie, likewise punched it in for a second place finish. First place went once again to the man we ought to start calling Jagge "Lightning" Lindstoel, who grabbed his seventh win of the season.

Over in the women's top 10, athletes from Dartmouth, Middlebury, Plymouth State, UNH, and UVM duked it out for a spot on the podium. Middlebury's Panthers continued their strong season with senior Lucia Bailey claiming a third place finish, while Dartmouth's Olivia Holm--no stranger to the hallowed heights of the EISA podium, either--grabbed second. First place went to UVM's formidable Moa Clementson, who gave the Catamounts yet another carnival win to add to their rapidly growing pile.

Tomorrow brings some serious GS and a conclusion to the EISA Carnival season!! Stay tuned for a race recap, a season results breakdown and team ranking, and, of course, the final pair of skiers of the week.


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