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NCAA Championships: Alpine Qualifiers

It's official!

Below are the lists of men's and women's NCAA Championships qualifiers from the EISA.

The University of Vermont is hosting the NCAA Championship races at Stowe Mountain Resort on Thursday, March 7, and Saturday, March 9. The races will be held on Main Street, one of the finest race trails in the east.

Visit the NCAA website for more information about the upcoming races.

Men's Qualifiers

Tanguy Nef — Dartmouth College

Drew Duffy — Dartmouth College

Erik Arvidsson — Middlebury College

Guillaume Grand — Saint Michael’s College

Patrick McConville — University of Vermont

Tim Gavett — Middlebury College

James Ferri — Dartmouth College

Max Roeisland — University of Vermont

Karl Kuus — Plymouth State University

Justin Alkier — Middlebury College

William Bruneau-Bouchard — University of New Hampshire

Benjamin Throm — Saint Michael’s College

Jake VanDeursen — St. Lawrence University

Patrick Kenney — University of New Hampshire

Carter Armstrong — St. Lawrence University

Colby Jordan — Saint Michael’s College

Women's Qualifiers

Alexa Dlouhy — Dartmouth College

Mille Graesdal — University of Vermont

Paula Moltzan — University of Vermont

Laurence St-Germain — University of Vermont

Stephanie Currie — Dartmouth College

Patricia Mangan — Dartmouth College

Emma Woodhouse — University of New Hampshire

Caroline Bartlett — Middlebury College

Lucia Bailey — Middlebury College

Sandra Schoepke — Colby College

Lisa Olsson — University of New Hampshire

Rosie Hust — Colby College

Griffin Mueller — Bates College

Emilia Laffin — Saint Michael’s College

Madison Lord — Middlebury College

Anna Willassen — Saint Michael’s College


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