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  • José da Silva

EISA's last Nordic skier of the week!

Last weekend, up in the White Mountains and hosted by UNH and Jackson XC, was the last EISA Carnival of this winter, which means the last EISA skiers as well. It was an inverted two days. Day one, skiers raced some long distance freestyle, and on tired legs completed the shorter classic races on Saturday.

So, we've got two new skiers from different schools, a wildcat and a white mule. Let's meet them!

Erin Bianco

Erin Bianco at UVM carnival (Image courtesy of

A skier from Minnesota, Bianco finished last weekend with a total of 85 EISA points, earned on the back of a fourth place on Friday and a third place on Saturday. As Bianco is a senior at Colby, this was her last EISA carnival weekend. Her times: 44:15.5 on Friday, just a second behind third, and 15:25.1 on Saturday.

In addition to stepping up to the podium on Saturday for her classic finish, Bianco was also honored as part of the All-EISA second team. She will also be shipping out to Utah, along with two other Colby women, to compete in the National Championship in March.

Scott Schulz

Scott Schulz at St. Mike's carnival (Image courtesy of

Racing for the home team this weekend, sophomore Scott Schulz raced well against a field of seniors pushing at their last ever carnival. On day one, he finished second with a time of 52:00.7, and on day two he finished in sixth, though less than a second separated his time of 27:04.3 from fifth place.

Like Bianco, Schulz was named to the All-EISA second team, and like Bianco, Schulz will also be joining the rest of the collegiate Nordic world in Utah this March, heading in as the fourth ranked men's skier in the EISA.

That's all for our carnival coverage, but check back in for a season recap and roundup, as well as reports on how our EISA skiers are doing out in Utah!


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