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EISA's Nordic end of season awards!

EISA Coach of the Year Molly Peters (left) having a blast at St. Mike's Carnival. (Image courtesy of

After a winter of competitive racing, close finishes, and shifting podiums, we have our EISA end of season awards! Coach of the year, freestyle and classic leaders, rookies of the year, and the All-East teams were doled out yesterday, on the outlook in the White Mountains in front of the Eagle Mountain house.

Full list below.

Coach of the Year

Molly Peters, Saint Michael’s

Freestyle Leaders

Margaret Gellert, Dartmouth

Ben Ogden, UVM

Classic Leaders

Jasmine Drolet, Dartmouth

Peter Wolter, Middlebury

Rookies of the Year

Jasmine Drolet, Dartmouth

Luke Allan, Dartmouth

First Team All-East Women

Jasmine Drolet, Dartmouth

Anna Bizyukova, UVM

Waverly Gebhardt, UVM

Jasmine Lyons, UNH

Margaret Gellert, Dartmouth

Second Team All-East Women

Erin Bianco, Colby

Rena Schwartz, Dartmouth

Callie Young, Dartmouth

Haley Brewster, UVM

Garvee Tobin, Dartmouth

First Team All-East Men

Matias Oevrum, UVM

Jacob Nystedt, UVM

Peter Wolter, Middlebury

Ben Ogden, UVM

Luke Allan, Dartmouth

Second Team All-East Men Finn Sweet, UVM Scott Schulz, UNH Gregory Burt, UVM Elliot Ketchel, Bowdoin Wally Magill, Dartmouth


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