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EISA Alpine's End of Season Awards!

All good things must come to an end, and the EISA carnival season--despite some challenging weather conditions and a race schedule that reflected it--was a very, very good thing.

A summary of the awards from the EISA Regional Championship ceremony below!

Team Awards:

The Dartmouth Cup, awarded to the best women's alpine and nordic team, went to the University of Vermont.

The Rikert Cup, awarded to the best men's alpine and nordic team, also went to the University of Vermont.

As expected, UVM was also named the overall regional champions after a podium-packed season blew their competition out of the water.

Individual Awards:

The Coach of the Year award went to Gus MacLeod, of St. Michael's College, who has transformed the program into a veritable powerhouse over the course of his twelve year tenure. Four Purple Knights will be representing St. Mike's next week at the NCAA Championship in Park City.

Rookies of the Year

Moa Clementson, UVM

Bradshaw Underhill, Middlebury

Slalom Leaders

Moa Clementson, UVM

Jagge Lindstoel, UVM

GS Leaders

Stephanie Lebby, UVM

Jagge Lindstoel, UVM

`First Team All-East (Women)

Lucia Bailey (Middlebury)

Moa Clementson (UVM)

Hannah Utter (Dartmouth)

Marina Vilanova (UVM)

Gwen Wattenmaker (Dartmouth)

Second Team All-East (Women)

Olivia Holm (Dartmouth)

Ellie Curtis (Dartmouth)

Stephanie Lebby (UVM)

Justine Clement (UVM)

Caroline Jones (UVM)

First Team All-East (Men)

Jagge Lindstoel (UVM)

Mathias Tefre (UVM)

Simen Strand (SMC)

Bradshaw Underhill (Middlebury)

Oliver Morgan (Dartmouth)

Second Team All-East (Men)

Bastian Meisen (UNH)

Declan McCormack (UVM)

William Bruneau-Bouchard (UNH)

Justin Alkier (Middlebury)

Eirik Kveno (SMC)


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