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Dartmouth's Wagner & UVM's Jones are the EISA Skiers of the Week!

Wagner gettin' low at the Colby Carnival slalom earlier this season (Image courtesy of

In the men’s field, Dartmouth fifth year Kalle Wagner—who also happens to be a veteran of Dartmouth’s varsity football team—had a banner weekend. He grabbed his first podium of the season on Friday with a third place finish and then ran it back—and then some—for a second place finish on Saturday, making him the men’s EISA skier of the week.

Meanwhile, UVM once again has a skier of the week of their own after junior Caroline Jones skied into third place on Friday and second place on Saturday. When deteriorating snow conditions and a tricky set took out some of the league’s top skiers in Saturday’s second run, Jones’s skiing stayed strong: she was the only skier in the women’s field to podium on both days!

This weekend, we have a rare Double Carnival Mashup with a makeup UVM carnival and Middlebury’s own carnival happening in quick succession. Tune in this Thursday for some GS on Stowe’s legendary Main Street!


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