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Dartmouth Day 2: Did someone say slalom?

Another day, another race! The EISA returned to the Skiway today for a second day of slalom racing and found a hill still soft from the day before thanks to a solidly above-freezing night that failed to reset the surface.

Same field, same hill, same event… I know what you’re thinking. Same results? Not even close! The changing conditions and four new course sets kept the league on its skis, and things got shaken up a bit.

Home-team hero Kalle Wagner locked it in today for a second place finish (Image courtesy of

Over in the men’s field, a straightforward first set gave way to a second set that combined a swing-city middle section with a fast, tight, and tricky bottom. There was a slight re-arrangement of the podium from yesterday’s race, with Mackenzie Wood of UVM edged his way into third place after a fourth place finish yesterday. Kalle Wagner, who made the home crowd proud yesterday with a third place finish (and his first podium of the season), locked it in and tore it up to a second place finish. One step at a time! “Lightning” Lindstoel of UVM, on the other hand, kept things consistent with another win.

Five of six UVM skiers managed to ski into the men’s top 10, with the rest of the spots filled out by skiers from Dartmouth, St. Michael’s, and Colby.

The women’s results looked quite a bit different than yesterday. Dartmouth skiers Hannah Utter, who won yesterday’s race, and Ellie Curtis, who came in third, both DNF’d on their second run thanks to a sneaky quick second set and a deteriorating surface. Caroline Jones of UVM, who came in second yesterday, stayed on the podium with a third place finish today. UNH’s Zoe Michael, who ended yesterday in 14th place, threw it into overdrive and grabbed a second place finish—and the first podium for the Wildcats this weekend. First place went to UVM’s Moa Clementson, who grabbed 7th place yesterday. Clementson, who's no stranger to the view from the top step of the EISA podium, also won the slalom at the Colby Carnival and came in second at the St. Mike's Carnival earlier this season.

Moa Clementson on her way to victory at the Colby Carnival earlier this season (Image courtesy of

Stay tuned for a new set of EISA skiers of the week tomorrow!


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