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DAR wins NCAA East Region Title

We've done it folks. The 2019 Carnival season has come to a close.

Under clear skies, "balmy" temps (for February), and bright sun, Dartmouth College claimed the 2019 EISA East Region title.

The Big Green edged the University of Vermont by just eight points: 973-965. Middlebury College claimed third with 758 points, well ahead of Colby College (4th; 545 points). The University of New Hampshire took fifth with 500, and Williams College was sixth overall after racking up 449 points.

In addition to the SL races today, there were a significant number of awards doled out to various EISA contingents. As a result (and, my sincere apologies), this post is rather data-heavy. Stats and pics. Just the facts, you might say.

East Region Team Champion, Overall: Dartmouth College

East Region Team Champion, Men: Dartmouth College

East Region Team Champion, Women: University of Vermont

Women's First Team All-East:

Alexa Dlouhy (DAR)

Patricia Mangan (DAR)

Laurence St-Germain (UVM)

Steph Currie (DAR)

Emma Woodhouse (UNH)

Women's Second Team All-East

Paula Moltzan (UVM)

Claire Thomas (DAR)

Mille Graesdal (UVM)

Caroline Bartlett (MID)

Francesca English (UVM)

Women's All-East Team: (L-R) Alexa Dlouhy, Patricia Mangan, Laurence St-Germain, Steph Currie, Emma Woodhouse, Paula Moltzan, Claire Thomas, Mille Graesdal, Caroline Bartlett, Francesca English

Men's First Team All-East:

Drew Duffy (DAR)

Erik Arvidsson (MID)

Guillaume Grand (SMC)

Patrick McConville (UVM)

Tanguy Nef (DAR)

Men's Second Team All-East:

James Ferri (DAR)

Tim Gavett (MID)

Max Roeisland (UVM)

Justin Alkier (MID)

David Domonoske (DAR)

Men's All-East Team: (L-R) Drew Duffy, Erik Arvidsson, Guillaume Grand, Patrick McConville, Tanguy Nef, James Ferri, Tim Gavett Max Roeisland, Justin Alkier, David Domonoske

Rookie of the Year:

Drew Duffy (DAR)

Patricia Mangan (DAR)

GS Leader:

Women: Steph Currie (DAR)

Men: Drew Duffy (DAR)

SL Leader:

Women: Alexa Dlouhy (DAR)

Men: Tanguy Nef (DAR)

Oftentimes on this blog, we spend significant time recognizing student-athletes from across New England. The final award of the day falls under an oft-overlooked category: Coaches. The 2019 EISA Coach of the Year was awarded to Willi Steinrotter of Saint Lawrence University.

Alpine Coach of the Year:

Willi Steinrotter (SLU)

EISA 2019 Alpine Coach of the Year: Willi Steinrotter (SLU)

Don't forget: there was a Carnival today. The Slalom results from the Bates College Carnival:

Slalom Results -- Top-10 Women:

1) Laurence St-Germain UVM 1:53.78

2) Patricia Mangan DAR 1:54.43

3) Paula Moltzan UVM 1:55.13

4) Alexa Dlouhy DAR 1:55.21

5) Stephanie Currie DAR 1:55.30

6) Mille Graesdal UVM 1:55.41

7) Claire Thomas DAR 1:55.63

8) Emma Woodhouse UNH 1:55.91

9) Genevieve Frigon UNH 1:56.05

10) Lucia Bailey MID 1:56.14

Slalom Results -- Top-10 Men:

1) Tanguy Nef DAR 1:51.32

2) Guillaume Grand SMC 1:52.71

3) Drew Duffy DAR 1:52.83

4) David Domonosky DAR 1:52.85

5) Karl Kuus PSU 1:52.96

6) Tim Gavett MID 1:52.98

7) Kalle Wagner DAR 1:52.99

8) Patrick McConville UVM 1:53.38

9) Justin Alkier MID 1:53.46

10) Raphael Quenneville UVM 1:53.88

Team Results:

1) Dartmouth College: 973

2) University of Vermont: 965

3) Middlebury College: 758

4) Colby College: 545

5) University of New Hampshire: 500

6) Williams College: 449

7) Bates College: 408

8) St. Michael’s College: 383

9) Harvard University: 361

10) St. Lawrence University: 349

11) Bowdoin College: 304

12) Plymouth State University: 206

13) Boston College: 133

14) Colby Sawyer College: 75

In a couple of days, check back for the list of NCAA Championships qualifiers!


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